August 10, 2021 @ 2:06 PM

Summer- the season of enjoying time outdoors is still here! However, as we continue to experience one of the rainiest summers in years, it can be tricky to keep up with the barrage of pesky weeds that come with all the grass sprouting up. Unfortunately, most weeds don’t like to share precious space with plants once they’ve made their mark, so it is crucial to step in as soon as possible and prevent them from causing further damage.


Why Else Should I Stop Weeds In My Yard?

Apart from some of them being an eyesore, there are several other reasons why weeds can be your yard’s worse enemy. First off, they block vital areas for light, nutrients and soil that plants need to flourish. Worse yet, they can possess toxic chemicals that are harmful to pets. Even though weeds such as shamrocks are known to bring good luck, this isn’t the case when it comes to dogs; the weed’s soluble calcium chemical is known to cause kidney damage if consumed heavily. 

Common Weeds Here In Ohio:

Sometimes weeds can be mistaken for flowers, so it’s important to “name them before you tame them” when controlling them. Some of the most common weeds to look for are as follows:

Speedwell- Grows and spreads very rapidly! Watch out!

Thistle- Sharp spines! Don’t step on these!



Ground Ivy


Arming Your Plants For “Battle”

So, now how do you bring our garden or yard back to life and protect them from their weedy “enemies?” Luckily, there are many chemical-free ways that won’t make your lawn or garden worse in the process. Read on for four natural solutions to help your plants conquer the weeds and “win” back their place in the yard!


If you think print media is dead, then think again! Laying newspaper around the plants and over the weeds is an effective, low-prep strategy from shields any further contact between the two. Be sure to water the plot liberally before applying the paper and then water again and cover with mulch so that nothing blows away.


If the newspaper cramps your style, then mulching is another effective tool against weeds. Simply spread about three inches of the mulch across the beds and this will help block sunlight that weeds need to budge through the surface. Ohio Compost is also happy to help with this option! Our facility makes and sells three different colors of hardwood mulch- Natural Premium (brown) for $37 per cubic yard and Ultra Red or Black for $43 per cubic yard. Stop by for a load or schedule a delivery at 419-897-7807.


Compost not only blocks sunlight like mulch does, but it also attracts crickets and beetles that can help “attack” the weeds by eating them! This homemade resource is also available for pick-up or delivery at our facility for $24 per cubic yard!

Hot Water

That’s right! One of the best weapons in a “weed war” is right at our fingertips! The hot water will burn the weed’s tissues and kill it within only two days! Even though water is the most accessible options, be careful not to pour it on any surrounding plants, as it can harm these as well.

What's Next?

Once the battle is won and your yard or garden is looking fresh and weedless again, don’t stop there. Your preferred weed suppression technique should continue weekly, so that you can prevent any more “surprise attacks” from monopolizing the area again.

Thank you for reading our post and we hope the tools above will make your yard or garden flourish again for these last precious weeks of summer! Feedback is always appreciated! Good luck in your future weeding endeavors and we will write to you again soon!