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2019 Products & Pricing

Ohio Compost will be offering retail products for mulch and topsoil. These products will be available for pick up seven (7) days a week!  Delivery will be available.....just ask!  All commercial contractors are welcome!         



Premium Mulch (Double Processed Hardwood Bark)            $32.00/cu.yd.    

Ultra Black Mulch(Black Dyed Hardwood)                       $35.00/cu.yd.

Red Mulch (Red Dyed Chips)                                          $35.00/cu.yd.      

Wood Chips (Plain chipped wood)                                        $10.00/cu.yd.

Topsoil (1 cu.Yd.= 1.5 tons approx.)                                 $30.00/cu.yd.

Yellow Sand                                                              $15.00/cu.yd. 

Compost                                                                   $22.00/cu.yd.

Topsoil Blend                                                            $35.00/cu.yd.

Fill Dirt (mostly clay)                                                $10.00/cu.yd.-+


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