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This facility will accept public drop off for clean concrete and all green yard waste ONLY!  Prices for this service is posted below.   All other material (cans, glass, bottles, plastics, metal, cardboard, rubber, construction debris, roofing material, etc.) WILL BE PROHIBITED! 

Yard Waste Fees:

  • Bulk Materials  $7.00 per cubic yard (1 cubic yard = 3’x3’x3’)
  • Bagged Material  $1.00 each (up to 33 gallons) 
  • Container or Large Cans of Material  $2.00 each (over 33 gallons)

***Free drop-off for all residents of:

  • Maumee
  • Monclova
  • Whitehouse
  • Monclova Twp
  • Swanton Twp
  • Waterville Twp

Acceptable Materials:  leaves, brush, grass clippings, wood chips, plant material, *tree branches/trunks/logs, Christmas trees, etc.

Tree Material:   Tree branches, trunks and logs under 18 inches in diameter will be charged $5.00 per cubic yard.  Tree branches, trunks and logs over 18 inches in diameter will be charged $5.00 per cubic yard plus an additional $5.00 per inch. [Example: 1 cubic yard of 20 inch diameter logs = $15 -------> 5.00+$10.00(20inches minus 18 inches = 2 inches x $5) ]. All wood that is debranched and cut into 16 inch lengths, regardless of diameter size, will be accepted for free.

All fees listed above is subject to a minimum  charge equal to the drop-off fee for one (1) cubic yard, with the sole exception of residential  compostable brown bags.  Brown paper bags that are compostable are acceptable and can be left for recycling.  All other non-recyclable containers and bags must be emptied and taken off site by customer; containers and bags cannot be left for disposal.   

Annual Yard Waste Card - $100.00 (Residential Only)    NEW!! 

The purchase of annual yard waste card entitles you to bring all acceptable yard waste to the facility for one season ending December 31st of the year issued.  This card may be used only by the person named on the card.  Proper identification is required upon presenting of card. Card is for residential use only and is not transferable.  This card can be purchased at the facility or by calling our office 419-897-7807.

Concrete Drop Off:

We will accept all clean recyclable concrete.  Concrete with re-bar and mesh is acceptable.  Concrete mixed or attached with dirt, wood, fill or other material is not acceptable.  Please call with any questions or concerns.  Fees for concrete are as follows:

  • Small Truck (under 1 ton)     $30.00 per load
  • Single Axle Truck             $40.00 per load
  • Tandem Axle Truck          $60.00 per load
  • Tri-Axle Truck                  $75.00 per load
  • Quin or semi-load            $90.00 per load 

 Additional Information: 

We reserve the right to inspect all material presented for recycling.  Material deemed unacceptable and rejected for recycling must be transported off site and will remain the owners responsibility with no exceptions.  Should you have any questions about what is acceptable material for this site please call our office at 419-897-7807 or email us at info@ohiocompost.com.   All fees subject to change without notice.  

Illegal dumping is a crime and could result in arrest and prosecution as set forth by the laws of the State of Ohio.  Regulation and oversite by the Ohio EPA and Lucas County Solid Waste Management District.   





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